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One of my New Year’s resolutions was to revamp my website.

Here’s the problem. I don’t do webdesign 24/7. I *can* do html and the like. It’s just not the most productive use of my time. So I’ve been putting off thinking about the website.

Then a friend posted her fabulous experience hiring the multi-talented Eugie Foster to update her website.

I was sold. Eugie not only helped me select and create my pretty, pretty site, she did so in a manner that left me competent to take care of it from here on out.

First she suggested I use WordPress: “both free and priceless at the same time.” I browsed through the hundreds of themes to find one that made me happy.

Eugie was able to hook me up with all kinds of cool plug-ins – getting my twitter feed to show up on a page, and connect my webpage blog with all my blogs and social networks via (blog/tweet once, post across all “my” sites).

I suggested the kinds of pages I wanted, and Eugie was kind enough to suck pertinent information from my old website over. Plus she updated the standard header to show my title in lovely lettering. Several different kinds of lovely lettering, in fact.

Here’s where I spent (and forced Eugie to spend) a lot of time. I’m more particular than I realized. When I rejected all the dozen or so designs Eugie came up with, she suggested I go to and find a font that I liked (a font I liked that is free and works on PCs, that is). I browsed through hundreds, maybe thousands of different fonts. I even considered making my own font using a service like YourFonts or vLetter. But I finally decided I could live with the lovely Eutemia font:

It’s pretty, looks ‘handwritten,’ leans forward, and reflects the multiple-personality type of feel I think this site will end up having (mother, novelist, physicist, blogger, tweeter, prepper, and so forth). I think it’s adequately legible and mirrors the messiness of the paint border on bottom, the long lines of the white flowers, and the multiple-line intricacy of the fleur de lis.

I’m sure I’ll be tweaking the site over time – I just can’t help it. But at least it’s now adequately ready for public consumption and I’m ready to reinstate my website into my personal e-mail signature. Life is great!

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